8 CE Reflexology Course

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Course Overview


Course Elements

In this massage therapy continuing education course, you will learn a step by step protocol for performing a luxurious and therapeutic reflexology treatment for the feet and hands, appropriate for any novice reflexology practitioner working in a spa or wellness setting.  Reflexology is an ancient healing art, based on the principal of application of direct pressure on specific points of the hands and feet. In addition to site specific benefits, this pressure is believed to result in favorable effects on correlated areas and organs of the client’s body.
In addition to providing an effective step by step Reflexology sequence, we have also demonstrated an Aromatic Compress and Scrub protocol that will add additional skin and relaxation response benefits. These signature touches allow you to deliver truly memorable treatments, setting you apart from your competition, and boosting your reflexology client retention.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this course you will be able to:

1.    Identify the benefits of reflexology treatments.
2.    Identify the contraindications of the treatment.
3.    Write your own treatment descriptions.
4.    Evaluate a completed client intake form to determine appropriateness.
5.    Perform the reflexology points for the hands and feet.
6.    Utilize reflexology points to assist with overall health and wellness.
7.    Create an Aromatic Compress and utilize it in proper manner as part of the treatment protocol.
8.    Apply a scrub exfoliation to the hands and feet as part of the treatment protocol.
9.    Utilize proper body mechanics.
10.    Evaluate a completed client intake form to determine appropriateness.
11.    Successfully complete the treatment.
12.    Pass the final exam. (online)
13.    Successfully complete the "Hands On" practical.

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