Andrea Cameron- LMT Philadelphia

Name:  Andrea Cameron

Years in the Wellness/Beauty Industry:

1.5 years as Licensed Massage Therapist.

Most Memorable Tip (monetary, gift or advice):

My most memorable tip comes from a client who is a retired diplomat.  He began writing a series of short stories about his late wife who died of breast cancer. He wanted to preserve her memory for their young daughter. At each appointment he comes and we would start the session with him reading me his latest story. It’s incredibly touching and a gift.

How did you choose a career in the Wellness industry?

I chose a career in this industry because I had always had an interest in holistic health.  After working at a career I found really unfulfilling, I realized life is just too short to do something you don't want to do. I always wanted to connect with people energetically and finally found the skills to do that.

Greatest reward of doing the work?

The greatest reward of doing this work is that I get to help people who have so much going on or under great stress. I feel blessed to be part of that healing process.

Something you wish or would like to change in the industry?

The thing I would change about our industry is the limited perception. There's a perception of "pampering " rather than the therapeutic benefits of the health and wellness aspect.  Health, physical and mental wellness all benefit from massage.

Who is your Mentor and why?

My mentor is Kelsey Stoler. She's my best friend. She's always given me ideas or supported me- no matter what. She has never doubted me or my decision to pursue massage therapy as a career. Also, she's always marketing my skills.  I've known her since childhood.

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