5 Keys to Using Email Marketing to Build Your Business

5 Keys to Using Email Marketing to Build Your Business

Email marketing has many advantages if it is used correctly.

These advantages include quick and inexpensive communication, a trackable return on investment, and an ability to target a large group of potential consumers.  According to the Pew Internet and American Life Project, almost half of American internet users check or send email on a typical day. Here are 5 keys to help get the most out of your email blasts.

Make it look good

This seems obvious but actually can be one of the hardest pieces to create. Each of your e-blasts should have an overall template that balances between brevity and interest. It should be long enough to convey your point but short enough to neither overwhelm nor bore your audience. This guideline goes for both pictures and words. It can be tempting to include everything you’d like to say in your email blast but leaving your audience wanting more is the difference between them continuing to read your e-blasts and losing them forever when they unsubscribe. “An email without clarity is like an annoying mime: Just say what you want or get out of the way” – Jordie van Rijn

Work Your List

A strong list of email addresses is by far the most important resource when utilizing e-blasts.  A good email list has multiple sources to feed it including direct sign up, referral contests, and forwarding. It is also important to review your email lists and remove any unusable addresses. It is also very useful to include an opt out message with every email. This will allow those who want to be removed to do so automatically.

Vary the content

Variety is the spice of life and is also true for e-blasts. A good email blast program has a rotation of different types of emails to keep the audience from becoming numb to your message. These types can include promotional, informational, and introductory. Varying the template of each type of email can also up the impact that they make. Review your e-blasts every 6 months or so and tweak them to constantly evolve them. Subscribe to other email blasts in your market so you can keep updated on what others are doing and what does and does not work.

Keep the frequency of your emails balanced

Similar to content, it is also important to vary the timing of your e-blasts.  A good way to vary your e-blasts is to create an eblast calendar for the entire year. This will allow you to schedule out when each e-blast goes out and also allow visualization of the frequency.  While reviewing your calendar, keep in mind how this would be viewed by your customer.  If the emails seem to be too frequent, unvarying in content, or easily predicted then it’s necessary to adjust the timing.

Extend the reach of your emails using Social Media

Social Media can be a very useful way to augment the reach of your e-blasts.  Most email programs allow your e-blast to be automatically posted to your social media sites. Also, every email template that you create should include links to your social media. This allows your followers to share your e-blasts with more people using multiple avenues which in turn grows your audience organically. Treat your social media followers like your email list and the reach of your email blasts will grow in multiple directions. “Marketing is about telling good stories. Social media marketing is about getting your customers to tell them for you.” – Corey Eridon

Finally, there is no magic formula for the perfect email marketing. Find what works for your business and continually improve upon it to make it sleeker and faster.

by Joseph Britton



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