Beyond the Facial: 6 Ways to Unleash the Financial Power of Your License

Beyond the Facial: 6 Ways to Unleash the Financial Power of Your License


If you love your role as a skin care service provider, congratulations! It’s a wonderful thing to be happy and content in your profession.

But, if you’re unsatisfied and want to diversify your career, there are ways you can further profit personally and professionally from your license and accumulated knowledge.

Rather than a single job, perhaps a mix of several career paths may be in your future. What used to be called “moonlighting”—working a second job—may allow you to create a personalized employment gig. Some of the six options below require additional training, but others offer you the chance to test the waters immediately.


Turn your passion for the skin care industry into a full- or part-time position by becoming an instructor. Educational settings include community colleges, high school vocational programs, private cosmetology schools, and skin care training centers. Many schools offer evening or weekend courses that allow you to develop your teaching skills as you continue your service provider career. Most states require you hold an instructor’s certificate before applying for a teaching position. Check with your state board regarding applications, processes, and additional courses needed to become an instructor.


Creative and content writers have several outlets. For the consumer audience, there are blogs, newspapers, and magazines that seek writers with fresh content. If you want to write for trade magazines, you can seek out writing assignments; contact the editors for submission guidelines. Also look to textbook publishers; they sometimes hire outside reviewers with specific expertise for additional input. Spas or skin care businesses often need well-written copy for blogs, eblasts, newsletters, and websites. You can also start your writing career by creating your own blog or by writing articles for your local newspaper. You can also visit freelance writing websites such as,, and


Men and women of all ages are interested in learning skin care tips and healthy habits. Some speaking opportunities may be paid, while others fall into the volunteer or business promotion category. Groups looking for speakers include community organizations, sororities, or youth groups. Local organizations can be great launch pads for a novice speaker. At-home care tips, skin conditions, and treatments are great topics for groups concerned with acne, psoriasis, rosacea, or the skin complications from cancer treatment. You can narrow your presentation focus by reaching out to the support groups tied to these health challenges.

Paid speaking opportunities can be found in the continuing education arena and the trade-show circuit. If you have a special technique, skill, or interest area, you have something of value to share. To try your hand as a professional speaker, identify the topics in which you have expertise, then identify potential groups. You must be credible to your audience, so develop and practice your presentation. And don’t be afraid to ask for a small honorarium—even when you are just starting out.


If you truly love a product line or skin care device and have the desire to share your expertise with others, you can look into training or rep positions. Skin care and makeup companies often employ demonstrators, product speakers, or trainers to work with spas and salons. You might be asked to speak at a special event, participate in a customer appreciation night, or work at a trade show booth. Specific product and protocol trainers are also used. Part-time or freelance positions offer you a chance to explore this option before making a long-term commitment.


Your expertise in skin analysis and product selection makes you a natural for retail sales. Skin care sales associates are employed in beauty supply stores, department stores, and niche locations like compounding pharmacies, doctor’s offices, and natural food and supplement stores. Test your sales savvy by applying for a part-time or holiday sales position. You may be a born salesperson.


Many of today’s spa and wellness managers began their professional lives as service providers. If supervising others inspires you, then a management position may be an option to explore.

If you are employed with a larger company, test your management mojo by applying to be the after-hours, holiday, or assistant spa director. If your organization offers management training, discuss your interest with your supervisor and apply for the program. Otherwise, online courses, seminars, and training at national and regional trade shows or local community colleges are ways to develop these skills (which also come in handy if you have dreams of hanging out your shingle some day).

Your esthetician license is just the beginning! Seeking out options beyond the basics can help you grow and thrive in the skin care industry and—best of all—create a new profit stream for you!


Start a New Journey Online

Online resources are endless. Here are a few starting points to help create a new (or different or surplus) journey. Don’t forget to begin right here with the Spa Standard Educator Program!

Esthetics Instructor: (check with your state license board for specifics)

Expert Contributor:,,

Keynote Speaker:,,

Product/Device Trainer: Contact your product home office and visit the website for job opportunities

Skin Care Retail Sales Training:

Spa/Salon Management:


Many schools offer evening or weekend courses that allow you to develop your teaching skills as you

Continue your service provider career.


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