Career Path Options for Spa/Salon Receptionists

INSPIRATION: Career Path Options for Spa/Salon Receptionists

Career Path Options for Spa/Salon Receptionists

Spa/Salon reception can be both a rewarding and challenging position. They are frequently the hub of communication between the clients, technicians, and management. Spa/Salon reception uses many skills including multi-tasking, customer engagement, and attention to detail. While spa reception isn’t normally a lifelong career, it can be an excellent spring board into a multitude of careers.

Service Provider

One of the most straightforward paths of a spa receptionist is to becoming a service provider. A spa job gives you access to both the experience of being a client but also a window into the positive benefits that a technician gives. Massage therapists relieve tension and soothe muscle aches. Nail technicians pamper and polish our overworked hands and feet. Hair and makeup artists transform us into the beauties we present to the world. Most service provider positions require school and licensing but are well worth the effort. Frequently it’s possible to continue work as a spa/salon receptionist as you learn your new craft. This will allow you to appreciate both aspects of the business and  excel in each.

Spa/Salon Management

Another of the more obvious paths for a spa receptionist is to move into spa management. According to a Spa/Salon Management Career Trends Survey done in 2013 by Hutchinson Consulting, 64% of spa leaders started as a receptionist. In addition, there are approximately 130,000 to 180,000 spa/salon managers and directors currently working in the spa business around the world. Spa/Salon management allows for a wide range of locations to work, plenty of room for continued growth as well as a high level of employee satisfaction.  A good portion of spa/salon managers learn their job through mentoring and on the job experience so if this the path for you, discuss your desire with your current manager and ask them to consider mentoring you towards developing leadership skills of your own.

Customer Service Management

A spa reception job teaches strong customer service skills that are useful in any company. The skills that you learn to “wow” a spa client are very similar to the skills used in retail stores, hotel hospitality, and fine dining. Embrace the customer service standards of the spa until they become second nature. This will allow you to recognize similar standards outside the spa and help guide you toward companies that fit your needs.

Spa/Salon Corporate

Many spas are part of a larger company that creates and implements the standards of customer service, business building, and marketing. If you find there are aspects of the company that interest you, it can be useful to explore the company’s structure and learn why and how the company operates. This will allow you to determine if the company has opportunities in your area of interest and give you a boost up against the competition. Most companies reward loyalty and frequently look to promote internally since their employees have already embraced the company’s standards.



Sometimes there are aspects of the company that are unique but the company is small enough that there isn’t a specific position that focuses on it. These aspects could be PR, inventory, or sales. In cases such as these, the best plain is to improve your skills as much as possible and then pursue opportunities that specifically focus on your specialty at another company.


Whatever you’d like

Finally, it’s possible that your dreams extend along other avenues. I’ve worked with spa receptionists who went on to become actresses, realtors, and accountants. The skills developed of multi-tasking, prioritization, and customer service will help you wherever your dreams take you. The most important part of any good spa receptionist is to embrace the job and do your best.

By Joseph Britton



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