Create a Spa Marketing Plan that Generates Revenue

Create a Spa Marketing Plan that Generates Revenue


“Developing a marketing plan will help you understand your customers, your competitors and your market environment,” commented Julie Pankey, Managing Partner of JMPankey Partners. “It’s a working document that allows spa owners and managers to make clear business decisions; develop efficient marketing strategies; and produce promotional activities that impact the bottom line.”


Steps to Creating a Spa Marketing Plan

Step 1:

Review last year’s marketing performance. Take a look at all the promotions and events that you held. Which ones were a success and which were not? and Why?  Be honest with your review. Marketing can be hit or miss depending on a lot of factors: timing, execution, deliverables, and product.

Step 2:

Look at a Calendar. View the entire year and pull out dates of importance. Decide what holidays you want to incorporate into your Spa Marketing Plan.  Write them down and decide what you actually want to promote and how you will do it. For example:  Mother’s Day, Gift Certificates and Mother/Daughter Makeovers.  Think outside the box, such as cause-marketing or having an event.

Step 3:

Get Your Staff Involved: Your employees are a valuable tool for Spa Marketing Planning. Hold a marketing meeting and get everyone’s input. Your team will love that you value their suggestions and be excited for the year ahead.

Step 4:

Work with your Vendors. They have many resources from trial size products to working with you on site for an event. They also have “product specials” that can be paired to a promotion.

Step 5:

Create Spa Marketing Calendar. Once you have your Spa Marketing Plan sketched out, put the plan into a working document that you can share with staff and managers. Having it written down with dates for execution keeps everyone on task and ensures you do not miss a marketing opportunity.

“A thorough plan should take about a day to complete and another day or so to tweak,” said Pankey. “Additionally, you can outsource your marketing efforts to a spa consultant that can help you pull it all together.” 


JMPankey Partners specialize in spa operations consulting, social media, website design, marketing and brand development. Founder Julie Pankey, known as the 7-figure spa consultant, is a results-oriented spa industry expert and visionary. Julie has contributed to the success of such companies as Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, Spa at Norwich Inn, Marriott, Cliff House Resort and Spa, Catania Hospitality, Pacifica Hotels, Fluhme Beauty, Christopher Drummond Beauty and OSEA Malibu. 




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