Five Tips to Enjoy a Successful Retail Season

The Holiday selling season seems to begin earlier every year thus impacting all spa boutique owners. Preparation for this season is crucial. Boutiques must create and implement a Social Media Plan geared for their specific customer base’s holiday buying season. Your goal should be to launch a clear holiday message that is simple and creates an easy buying experience for all.



1.     Boutique Holiday Gift Guide

The days of Holiday Shoppers casually leafing through catalogs for gift inspiration has been replaced with shoppers utilizing social media outlets such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Snapchat. Your strategy should be to discover ways to embrace these new marketing tools. Ultimately, when done well they will increase revenue on the sales floor.

Constructing a Gift Guide is a fairly simple process. Create a short video showcasing your Boutiques Holiday favorites. Offer a brief, detailed description, and price for each ‘must have’. Include purchasing details along with any special promotion(s). Enhance the Gift Guide within your boutique by creating signage and place near each of your ‘Holiday Favorites’. The holiday season can be overwhelming for many. Your Holiday Gift guide is a great way to provide guidance and simplify your customer’s decision-making process.

2.     Social Media Promotions

Social Media has become the Holiday Shoppers Assistant!  Boutique owners must understand how significant these tools are. They drive traffic to your establishment. A strong Social Media Plan is crucial. Keep in mind, the last 2 months of the year are filled with the top 10 online buying days along with hosting more than 6 critical shopping events, beginning with Thanksgiving thru New Year’s Eve. Consider including the following posts:

v  Gifts with a ‘purchase now’ option

v  Calendar for ‘In-Store’ events

v  ‘Limited Time’ promotions

v  Complimentary Gift Wrapping

v  Free Ground Shipping

v  Blog dedicated to your boutique, highlighting holiday favorites promoted on your Gift Guide

3.     Music

Music is especially important during the holiday season. There is nothing like hearing a few verses of “Deck the Halls” to heighten excitement and create a festive holiday atmosphere in your boutique. Setting the holiday mood allows for your customers to experience a joyful shopping experience, and this will reflect at your register.

4.     Events

The success of the holiday season is not just contingent on a profitable Black Friday or Cyber Monday. Boutique owners should be aware of this shift and plan to create events accordingly. Boutiques must adapt and offer a steady flow of events focusing on November and December.

Two examples may be to promote:

v  ‘The Great Friends-giving’ sale, exclusive to your friends on Facebook... Offer extended hours, serve refreshments and host a drawing for a $100.00 gift certificate.

v  “Fabulous Friday” on December 23rd. For many, this is a crucial day for purchasing. There are many who wait to the last minute.  Cater to them!  Your strategy should focus on the ‘big picture’ understanding the entire season matters.

5.     Gift Cards

Gift Cards continue to be one of the fastest growing areas of holiday shopping. Ensure your boutique promotes gift cards via social media, your website and within your shop. If possible showcase a separate desk prepared for gift card purchases. Making this option significant can help your customers who are undecided. They will love this!




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