A Beauty Of A Career!
Setting the Stage for Spa Clients
Brazilian Waxxxing Myths Busted
Managing Business Threats: Invisible Risks For Spa and Wellness Facilities
Seeing Red: The Cause and Treatment of Broken Capillaries
Hand Care For Massage Therapists
Waxing is Here to Stay!
When You Should & Shouldn't Change Your Waxx
How to Weed Out Bad Employees Before You Hire Them
The New Wellness in the Workplace
The Unprofessional Guide to Spa Professionalism
Beyond the Facial: 6 Ways to Unleash the Financial Power of Your License
10 Business Mistakes I’ve Made As A Massage Therapist
Workplace Bullying Part 2: The Bully Boss
How to Decide if an Event is Worth Your Time (and Money)
3 Ways Leaders Put Their Teams First
Is Volunteering Massage Therapy Worth The R.O.I?
Pricing Strategies: Are You Leaving Money on the Table?
Creating a Spa Marketing Plan
The Burning Truth about the Sun and Our Skin
Creating a Successful Pop-Up Spa Shop
How to Choose a Good and Reliable Web Designer
Using Somatic Practices To Find Ease In Your Massage Practice
Does Massage Therapy Need To Rebrand Itself?
The Value of Knowing What’s Working, What’s Not, For Your Customers
Evidence Informed Massage
Workplace Bullying Part 1: A Bully among Us
Compensation Challenges
Your 1099 Spa "Employees"
Creating An Effective Babysitting System:
BE! Organized: The Daily Routine
5 Steps to Maintaining Your Most Profitable Spa Retail Merchandise Mix
3 Reasons Your Team Won’t Follow You
Those Sore Spots in Your Muscles!
Create a Spa Marketing Plan that Generates Revenue
BE! A Leader: Arrive early, Stay late
Managing Different Generations of Spa and Salon Employees
Pleasure Receptors Respond to Massage!
Is Your Customer Service Transparent Enough?
How The Spa Industry Can Show More Love To Our Introverts
Deal or No Deal? Is Groupon, Living Social, or Another Deal Site Right For Your Business?
7 Steps to Planning and Establishing Your Most Profitable Spa Retail Merchandise Mix
How to Make a Decision
Are You Managing Your Staff Or Do They Have You on a Short Leash?
INSPIRATION: The importance of self-care for service providers
CAREER SKILLS: Creating and Presenting Spa and Salon Treatment ideas to the Owners.
Making the Most of Your Spa/Salon Menu
CAREER SKILLS: Is It Your Turn? Bridal Makeup Tips from a Pro for a Pro
CAREER SKILLS: Considering your Career Path in the Spa/Salon Industry
Understanding the Service Cost Related to Overall Operation Expenses
MANAGEMENT: Internal Customer Service-Creating a Magical Work Space.
MANAGEMENT: The Art of Daily Operations
Striving for 100% effort 100% of the time
5 Keys to Using Email Marketing to Build Your Business
CAREER SKILLS: How To Create a Polished Everyday Makeup Look In Less Than 15 Minutes
MANAGEMENT: Walking the Talk
BUSINESS OWNER: Simple ways to reduce your spa's carbon footprint
Best Lashes for Bridal Makeup
The Importance of Mentorship and Where to find it.
HR: Performance Appraisals – Why They're Important and How to Do Them
INSPIRATION: Career Path Options for Spa/Salon Receptionists
MARKETING: Social Media: 5 Best Practices For Results Oriented Campaigns
MANAGEMENT: Teamwork makes the Dream work
Leader vs. Manager
HR: How to hire the right person for the job
BUSINESS OWNER: Top 5 Spa Development Mistakes to Avoid
How to Conceal Dark Under Eye Circles
From Treatment Room to Trade Show: My Journey in esthetics education
Best practices to manage back bar costs and optimize your inventory turn around
Communication+Inspiration+Motivation= Connection
The importance of customer recovery
The Perfect Garden - Growing Your Team
Prioritizing Tasks for Time Management
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