Carla Muniz- LMT & AGM Chicago

Name:  Carla Muniz

Years in the Wellness/Beauty Industry:

7 years Licensed Massage Therapist and Manager.

Most Memorable Tip (monetary, gift or advise):

My most memorable tip is also one of the most peculiar. When I was working at a fitness center doing massage I had a first-time guest.  The massage itself was a typically normal session.  However, at the end of the massage, when I thanked him and was preparing to leave the room, he sat up and grabbed me. He gave me a full body hug and kissed me on the lips. He said, “I love you and I want you to come home with me. I will talk to my father and you will not have to touch the goats.”  I left the room a little confused and perplexed. Upon collecting my tips at the end of my shift I received a tip from him with $100, his address and a house key. Needless to say I never took them up on the offer.  However, it was definitely memorable.

How did you choose a career in the Wellness industry?

I chose this industry for very specific reason. I was looking for a career change from being a paramedic for many years. I saw a lot in that job.  During my time as a paramedic I decided that I wanted to be on the proactive side of wellness versus the reactive side of medicine. I love massage therapy.

Greatest reward of doing the work?

The most rewarding moments in my career is when I hear back from my former students. I love hearing about their success and how I played a role in that for them.

Top two things you wish or would like to change in the industry?

The two changes I would make in our industry are the following:  First of all, I would like to expand the way we educate. I would like to see more options for training and career development. I would also like to have more ways to connect the industry to each other through interactive media and different methods. Secondly, again, evolve the education opportunities.  I would have more education, in-depth learning, as well as, finding new and others ways to expand our credentials.

Who is your Mentor and why?

My mentor is Joe McCue. He is a massage therapist and an owner of a spa business. He taught me several things.   The first was to meet people where they are in that moment. Meaning adjust yourself to where your clients or your student are in order to make the most impact. Secondly, never be afraid to ask for help. Lastly, he taught me to always be true to yourself.  His message was to take time if you need it, to “re-route” yourself. And always trust your intuition.  We still stay in touch.   He's been influential in my career thus far.

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