Effective Performance Appraisal Systems

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Human Resources



Tried and trusted methods for making the most out of what many view to be a difficult and anxiety inducing task. 

♦ Are you or your team dreading performance appraisals?

♦ Are you looking for ways to make them more consistent, valuable and empowering for your team and yourself?

This course will provide valuable advice and tools that you can immediately customize for your unique business needs.

Who Should Take This Course?

Managers, Directors, Owners or anyone responsible for leading others. Whether one, one dozen, or one hundred  people report to you, they should be receiving regularly scheduled review and coaching sessions!

Subject Experience Level:

For those new to delivering performance appraisals and/or those building a new company protocol for procedures relating to performance appraisals.

What You'll Learn:

The four lessons and final project will: 

♦ Explain the Importance of Performance Appraisals

♦ Show how to create a Performance Appraisal System that is applicable and effective for your employees

♦ Clarify how to set SMART goals for all employees, assist them with meeting or exceeding those goals and follow up and follow through

♦ Outline how to deliver Performance Appraisals effectively

♦ INCLUDES 14 Editable Forms including Job Descriptions, Evaluations, and more

Once you have completed this course, you’ll  be well on your way to confidently crafting quality performance appraisals for your organization. 

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