HR 101 Part 1: How to Set Up & Retain Employee Records

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**Please note that How to Complete, Audit, and Correct I-9 Forms is Part 2 of a three part course entitled HR 101. They are designed to be taken in order and are only $199 for all three if you purchase them at the same time. Click on the titles below to add the other two courses to your cart.**

HR 101 Part 1 - How to Set Up & Retain Employee Records

HR 101 Part 2 - How to Complete, Audit, and Correct I-9 Forms

HR 101 Part 3 - How to Comply with Job Classification Requirements


As an employer have you ever had one of these days or spent sleepless nights worried about this happening?

  • Hmmm where did I put that disciplinary note for the employee I need to talk to?  It was here on my desk somewhere….
  • I’m sorry Officer Smith of the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency---I don’t seem to have an I-9 work authorization on file for that employee….the penalty is HOW MUCH???!!!
  • Oh No!  We lost the lawsuit because the manager threw out all the records when he fired the employee.  We didn’t know she was going to sue us and we couldn’t prove our case. The lawyer told us to expect at least a $150,000 expense.

Why put yourself through that misery when it’s really very easy to get your employee records in shape?  Let us show you how in this step by step course so you can breathe easier.


Business owners, managers and HR staff who are responsible for collecting, completing, maintaining and ultimately disposing of all the forms and documents generated when you hire and manage employees.


This course is perfect for newbies and is a great refresher for seasoned employers.  Plus no matter how long you’ve been in business, we really believe you’ll learn several new techniques that will make your job easier when it comes to organizing your employee records.


The 12 videos, two quizzes and the hands on exercises will teach you the following:

•How to set up your employee records in an organized and easy to locate method

•How to store them securely to ensure confidentiality

•What the important factors are when preparing a record retention program

•How to comply with U.S. Federal record retention requirements by identifying disposal dates

•How to decide whether to keep paper documents or electronic documents

  • INCLUDES 6 handouts consisting of a sample recordkeeping policy, checklists to follow and the full course script and slides to use for training and referencing.

By the end of this course, you’ll be ready to clean house when it comes to your employee records.  You’ll know that you can find what you need when you need it and once you’ve completed the exercises (which involve your actual employee files) you will be in compliance with U.S. Federal law regarding privacy, security and record retention requirements.

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