HR 101 Part 3: How to Comply with Job Classification Requirements

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**Please note that How to Comply with Job Classification Requirements is Part 3 of a three part course entitled HR 101. They are designed to be taken in order and are only $199 for all three if you purchase them at the same time. Click on the titles below to add the other two courses to your cart.**

HR 101 Part 1 - How to Set Up & Retain Employee Records

HR 101 Part 2 - How to Complete, Audit, and Correct I-9 Forms

HR 101 Part 3 - How to Comply with Job Classification Requirements


One of the most important things an employer can do is to make sure they are paying their staff correctly.  Nothing upsets someone more than getting a paycheck that isn’t right!  Make sure you know which positions in your business or in your department are eligible for overtime.  This course is for U.S. employers who need to understand the overtime exemption laws.


Business owners, managers and HR staff who are responsible for establishing job classifications to determine overtime eligibility per the U.S. Fair Labor Standards Act should take this course. 


Although the topic is easily misunderstood and can be confusing, both novices and experienced employers can tackle this issue by following our step-by-step videos and questionnaires. 


The 11 videos, final quiz and the hands on exercises will teach you the following:

  • What is a Job Classification and Why Should You Care?
  • Non-Exempt vs. Exempt
  • #1 Misconception about Job Classifications
  • 3 Types of Tests That Must Be Conducted
  • There’s also a Bonus section on Overtime Dangers
  • INCLUDES 7 handouts consisting of a several samples, checklists to follow and the full course script and slides to use for training and referencing.

By the end of this course, you will be able to conduct an analysis of each position you believe should be exempt from overtime and make a determination about the appropriate job classification.  Using the various exemption questionnaires will provide you with the critical documentation to support your decisions.

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