Increasing Your Retail Selling: An Online Training Class for Spa Managers

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Increasing Your Retail Selling: Course Overview


Do you need to build your own coaching skills in order to best train your team? Would you like to be able to effectively train your own therapists onsite?  Do your goals as a leader include dramatically increasing your spa retail revenues, filling your treatment rooms to capacity, and building team confidence?

Join Linda Harding-Bond, the award-winning esthetician, global spa trainer, noted blogger, and founder of Moontide Consulting as she delivers this powerful, tried and tested spa retail training system. Her techniques enable you to observe your staff when they're trying to sell, and give them constructive feedback immediately.  Because this online course allows you to use your own retail product lines, as well as your own treatment, boutique, and reception areas to train your staff, it is the most "real world" experience they can receive. Therapists will learn how to effectively engage with their client from the beginning of the experience. In addition, therapists are taught how to develop and display a high degree of product knowledge, and how to personalize their interaction with each client so that the sale becomes a natural addition to the service. Your team will discover that this approach is actually completely authentic, and totally in alignment with the integrity that they so value as a caring practitioner.

This is a unique and cost-effective approach of delivering training to global spa managers. It is very much in keeping with todays’ digital age and the need for quality, convenience and high return on investment (ROI). This training also respects time, your most luxurious and valuable asset.

In addition to the seven main video training modules, you'll also have access to two bonus video modules that focus on Customer Engagement and Closing the Sale. Each video module in the course is delivered in less than eight minutes, designed to be a concise coaching program for busy leaders. You will then follow the step-by-step Resource Guide (downloadable handout) to coach and train your staff on the techniques learned in each module.


  • Course Spa Managers Guide
  • Spa Therapist Assessment Form Template
  • 5 Customizable Role Play Scenarios
  • 5 Bonus Role Play Scenario Managers Tips
  • Team Building Exercise Resources List
  • Course Trainers Guide
  • 7 Instructor Video Training Modules
  • 2 Bonus Instructor Video Training Modules
  • Spa Standard Exclusive Discounts on Additional Training or Consulting Services 


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