Jane Handforth - Owner/Stylist

Name:  Jane Handforth

Company: Cowlicks Hair Studio, Prince Rupert, British Columbia


In what year did you enter the industry and in what role?

I became a certified hairdresser in 1997


What is your best tip for client retention, retailing, or upselling?

I focus on creating a relaxing client experience that is all about the client and their hair. I always ask to pre-book, and talk 80% hair/beauty and 20% personal. Weaving tips and talking about what I am using and why works for all three - client retention, retailing and up selling.


What is your favorite professional spa or salon product of all time (brand & product name)?

I adore Keune Haircosmetics Tinta Color. All of Keune's products, color or wet line keeps me and my clientele happy.


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