Jon Redd- LMT Atlanta

Name:  Jon Redd

Years in the Wellness/Beauty Industry:

7 years as a Licensed Massage Therapist

Most Memorable Tip (monetary, gift or advise):

My most memorable tip was from a regular client who gave me $100. He came in bi-monthly for therapeutic massage. I believe he gave it to me because of my loyalty and my accommodating his demanding schedule. It made me feel really appreciated.  I knew it was a sincere sign of gratitude.

How did you choose a career in the Wellness industry?

Prior to this career I I had worked in an accounting firm after college. At that time there was a notorious national financial industry scandal that happened. That scandal caused a lot of layoffs.  I received a severance package and was trying to figure out what to do from there. A friend of mine from college basketball was in playing professional basketball in Europe.  He encouraged and convinced me to move to Europe and do the same.  During my time playing professional basketball there, I received a lot of massage and bodywork. It really connected to my body and taught me how it functions and what it needed for optimal health.  After my basketball career, I decided I wanted to stay connected to my body and maintain the connection to athletics. My father told me a story about his coworker who was doing massage part time, on the side.  It started to seem like a really good choice for me, too.  That's when it became obvious to me to enroll in massage school.

Greatest reward of doing the work?

The greatest reward doing this work is the ability to help people. I enjoy seeing people leave happy.  It’s rewarding to make a difference in their life through my knowledge and my passion for massage and bodywork. That positive feedback each day really drives me.  I love being a “Day Maker.”

Top two things you wish or would like to change in the industry?

The two things I would change to elevate our industry are:  1) changing the stereotype regarding the “sexualized” perception of massage.  I would like to change that perspective so people can learn the importance of positive touch. It connects the mind and the body together.   2) I would also like to be part of the change in the perception of male therapist being a threat relating to the sexualized misconception of our work.

Who is your Mentor and why?

My mentor is a former employer that I worked for a massage, Joe. He took the time to show me the business side of things.  He shared with me the steps it took to become an owner. We shared in common the love of sports through our previous experience as professional athletes.

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