Kristen Mancina - LMT

Name: Kristen Mancina

Years in the Wellness/Beauty Industry:

Licensed Massage Therapist, 3 years in the industry.

Most Memorable Tip:

Most memorable tip came in the way of advice from my mentors in Thailand. They taught me to "always set my intention for the greater good."

How did you choose a career in the Wellness industry?

The reason I'm in this industry is because it chose me. As a teenager I was doing Reiki without knowing it. A few years ago I moved to Thailand.  Where, after receiving a Thai massage, I decided to take the 3-month Thai massage course. I fell in love. I truly just wanted to help people

Greatest reward of doing the work?

Greatest reward for me is that every day is a unique experience. The day-to-day of helping people is very rewarding.  I love seeing the daily cycle of guests who arrive stressed and leave happy.  It is very rewarding.

Top two things you wish or would like to change in the industry?

The one thing I would change about the spa industry is the perspective of massage as a "pampering" experience. I really believe in the power of restorative and therapeutic massage and the benefits it provides our guests.  That said, the spa setting has allowed me to see so many different types of bodies, concerns, and personalities.

Who is your Mentor and why?

My mentors were all of my instructors in Chiang Mai Thailand. Every day was very spiritual and approached the body in a very holistic way. The eastern approach resonated in me and pulled me deeper into massage therapy. They also taught me the importance of self-care.

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