Lauren Purdin- LMT Philadelphia

Name:  Lauren Purdin

Years in the Wellness/Beauty Industry:

6 years- two years as a receptionist in a chiropractic office and four years as a licensed massage therapist.

Most Memorable Tip (monetary, gift or advice):

My most memorable tip was at the spa I currently work. There was a 9 am “anniversary” couples massage- but they wanted to be in separate rooms. So, I made a little special attempt to make each of the rooms cute with flowers. After the massage the guests left a $97.50 tip.  I remembered it is because of the special occasion but also the randomness of the gratuity amount.

How did you choose a career in the Wellness industry?
I chose a career in this industry as a plan B.  Originally, I thought I would be famous artist!  However, when that didn't happen I became a waitress for about 2 to 3 years. I knew it wasn’t a forever thing, just a job.  I had decided I wanted to do something different.  One day I was walking by a massage school. I spontaneously, took a tour.  At that moment I had just the exact amount of money to apply for the program. I had always been that "massager "in my circle of friends. I really enjoyed doing it.  But, honestly, I received my first massage only a week before I took a tour of the massage school. It all just worked out.

Greatest reward of doing the work?

The greatest reward for me happens every single time my client comes out of the treatment room smiling. Nothing compares to that

Top two things you wish or would like to change in the industry?

Two things I would like to change about our industry are: First, how we are perceived. The pampering "fluffy "image of what we do doesn't express the health and wellness aspects of what we do. Secondly, education, I would change continuing education classes always being offered on Saturdays. Also making continuing education more affordable for those already licensed.

Who is your Mentor and why?

My mentor is Linda Hunt. She was my massage therapy teacher. She taught in our client clinic as well as business classes.  She was also my polarity instructor. She inspires my future.  I see her eyes and they just make me happy. She sees potential in me and she makes me want to do more. There was this one time when I was working way too much for way too long.  It had made me sick.  It was just a minor cold but it caused me to cough during my sessions and interrupt my clients.  Linda had told us many times during school that you need to take care of yourself first and you need to know when to step back. Of course, I was stubborn, but after I finally talked to her and she reminded me that I couldn’t help others unless I help myself first.

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