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Introductory, Educator

Hedda Schmitt has been in the spa and wellness industry since 2010, becoming a Salon and Spa Concierge while obtaining her BA in Psychology from Temple University. Two years later, she had risen to the spa management level, moving to a larger facility, and doubling her team. In that position as the General Manager of Philadelphia’s Balance Spa and Fitness at the Omni Hotel, she successfully grew profits substantially in less than a year. Hedda’s passion for leadership and marketing made her well suited for her current position as General Manager of the Spa Intercontinental, at Boston’s Intercontinental Hotel. When asked what Hedda enjoys most about spa management, she answered “I love the marketing side of the business, working to get our name out there, and also aiding in the growth of employees. I think the best part about managing is the privilege of being in the position to really help someone’s career, and to make the workplace enjoyable, creating an atmosphere where everyone on the team truly enjoys working!”

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