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In 2004 Linda Harding-Bond was the first esthetician hired at the newly opened Rescue Rittenhouse Spa in Philadelphia, Pa.  The following year she would become the recipient of the city’s premiere “Best Esthetician” award. Today she is a global spa consultant, trainer and the creator of Increasing Your Retail Selling, An Online Training Class for Spa Managers. She is also president of Moontide Consulting, an international spa training company based in Bangkok, Thailand.

Operating from the premise that everyone deserves a great spa experience, and believing that the spa community feels the same, Linda created Increasing Your Retail Selling after years of training spa therapists for high end resort companies. Frequent encounters with disappointing service convinced her that customers were having the same poor experience. She decided that something had to be done about it. 

As a trainer she was aware that the problem stemmed from a lack of therapist education. By eliminating the commonly cited challenges of cost, time, relevance and measurable performance she developed a program that is accessible to everyone.

It is also the first program in the world which takes into consideration the learning style of introverts, the most common personality type found among spa teams.

Linda’s background in creating spa education began in 2008 with Hit the Ground Running, a workshop for therapists designed to bridge the knowledge gap between school and real life spa operations. The program gained rapid popularity through word of mouth and its ability to provide much needed information and support to new grads who were seeking work in the spa industry. 

Her book, The New Esthy: An Essential Handbook for Novice and Nervous Estheticians soon followed.

Her ongoing concern with the dearth of ethnic skin education lead to the creation of the blog, Ethnic Skin Aficionado, which attracted over 130,000 visitors in its first 90 days online. The popularity of the blog lead to the opportunity to become a writer for Huffington Post. Her thought leadership can also be found in top industry publications. 

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