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Lydia migrated to Australia as a teenager in the 60’s, at which time the removal of unwanted body hair was foreign to her.  Much to her embarrassment she discovered that she was the only girl in her class with hair on her legs.   Hair removal was taboo where she came from, so she shaved in secret to be hair free like her class mates for the next swimming class.  But shaving left her feeling frustrated with the prickly feel it produced. 

A few years later, she set out to develop her own hair removal wax on the family kitchen stove for her own personal use.   She had no thought of developing a waxing business, she only wanted to have smooth hair free skin. 

As time went on, Lydia became a beauty therapist, and in 1978, opened her own salon business. She was armed with her own wax, and skincare products created by her father, a cosmetic chemist.   Much to her surprise and totally unplanned, her waxing became an overnight success and other therapists wanted to know what her secret wax was, and how to buy it.   She began by reluctantly selling a few kilos. Now Lydia exports her wax to over 63 countries around the world. LYCON is used by top salons and spas and has a celebrity following.  Learn more at (US customers) and (Australia).

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