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Since 1993 Strategies has had one goal: to help businesses operate more efficiently and profitably. We’ve worked with owners and their teams to create businesses that balance profitability with a happy work environment and devoted customers. Strategies has partnered with numerous manufacturers and product companies to provide success tactics to their affiliates.  Everyone at Strategies has one mission: empowering our clients to be their most successful by teaching best practices that result in tangible improvements in each of the Four Business Outcomes: profitability, productivity, staff retention and customer loyalty.


Neil Ducoff

Strategies was founded by Neil Ducoff, a leading expert on business education. The company, with its nationwide team of coaches and educators, has delivered top-quality business education to countless salons and spas and general business — of all sizes.. Our network of seminars, onsites, coaching services and webinars offer the opportunity to streamline and improve systems, and to grow profitability.


Strategies has helped thousands of businesses:

  • Develop highly-profitable retail sales programs.
  • Increase pre-booking rates.
  • Learn to use their financial reports.
  • Discover new ways to compete in changing economies.
  • Increase staff productivity.
  • Overcome cash-flow challenges.
  • Improve first-time and existing client-retention rates.
  • Decrease employee turnover.
  • Bring their companies to unprecedented levels of profitability and productivity.

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