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Author, columnist and founder of the country’s first prenatal spa Barefoot & Pregnant, has been providing maternity spa services for nearly a decade. With Belly Friendly, Denney encapsulates the rewarding Barefoot & Pregnant spa experience, and makes it available to moms across the country. 

From the time she was young, Stacy Denney’s life has been about passion and commitment. Attributing her motivation to family and friends, Stacy continues to devote her life to programs that help spas make a difference in the lives of expecting moms.

Denney’s work hasn’t gone unnoticed. Denney has been invited to pen books, contribute to leading web sites and consult on multiple boards. Barefoot & Pregnant and the Belly Friendly program have won awards, and have been recognized by hundreds of media outlets across the country ranging from Fit Pregnancy, Health, Sunset and LA Times to the Today Show. 

About Belly Friendly:

In response to demand from expecting parents and spa owners alike, Denney developed Belly Friendly, a partnership program that leverages the best practices of Barefoot & Pregnant in pregnancy awareness training, prenatal massage certification and marketing education. The Suitable for practices of any size, Belly Friendly certifications program is are suitable for practices of all sizes. For more information on partnerships for therapists or spas, visit

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