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Introductory, Educator

Who is Stacy Standard? Full disclosure- Stacy is not a real person…at least not a specific individual person! Stacy is the voice of our Spa Standard team, a visual representation of a think tank that spans over 64 years of combined experience specifically in the realm of spa, beauty, and wellness. 

Stacy represents the know-how and viewpoints obtained by combining the skills and knowledge learned while immersed in diverse roles including the delivery of award winning customer service, spa and salon ownership and management, sales, marketing, fitness instruction, finance and accounting, HR and staffing, education, massage therapy, esthetics, and the study of psychology. 

Stacy’s voice is rooted is our firm desire to help you to succeed in your career as a spa and wellness professional. Like sage advice from a trusted mentor, Stacy tells it like it is, sometimes revealing the hard truths that we all need to face in order to surmount the next hurdle in our quest for career success and longevity. If you have true passion for our industry, join Stacy and the entire Spa Standard team on our mission to learn, share, and grow!

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