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Our Leadership Team

(on left) Rick Maack, Founder and Kelly Maack, CEO
(on right) Jenny Farrand Stafford, Vice President and Joseph Britton, Content Research Analyst


Our Mission

Elevating the beauty and wellness industries through collaborative resources in mentorship and professional development

Social Education

Spa Standard is a social educational experience.  Spa Standard offers spa, beauty, massage and wellness industry based knowledge and information through interactive online videos, courses, spa radio, live events, CE classes and articles.  Spa Standard offers the highest level of instruction and exchange of the most innovative and effective methods available. 

The online element of our service is presented with cutting edge technology to provide a fun, interactive experience for our educators and members alike.   The nature of the services offered by the spa and wellness community requires, under certain circumstances, hands on, in-person experience.  Spa Standard addresses this by utilizing actual spas and experienced instructors at live events in key areas of the country.  The hands-on classes and seminars in most cases supplement the online experience.

We create value for our members by enabling them to:

  • Easily connect with other industry professionals

  • Express themselves to peers

  • Have input to the Spa Standard experience

  • Learn, Share and Grow

Our vision is for Spa Standard to be the knowledge and educational resource for the beauty and wellness industries.  With the help of the Spa Standard community of members, our mission is to revolutionize how spa and wellness industry professionals learn, connect, and inspire each other to improve. 

In order to accomplish this mission, we have three simple goals, all of them reliant on input from our members:

  • Build the professional learning resources that spa and wellness professionals need.

  • Deepen and improve opportunities for learning and knowledge exchange.

  • Elevate and celebrate beauty and wellness professionals in our society.

The idea for Spa Standard came from the need for accessible, affordable and pertinent information for members of the beauty and wellness industry.  Over the past ten years, there has been a lack of focus or any specific approaches to education in the beauty and wellness space.  There are various educational institutes and schools around the world offering educational credentials and/or certificate programs, but there is very little in the way of online education.  

The founders of Spa Standard are Kelly and Rick Maack, owners of Maack Management, a leisure industry spa and wellness company, founded in 2003.  Maack Management owns and operates spa and wellness facilities in luxury hotels in the U.S. and is known as a leader in the industry.


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