Ada Polla - CEO of Alchimie Forever


Name:  Ada Polla

Company:  CEO of Alchimie Forever Skincare

In what year did you enter the industry and in what role?

I like to think I entered the industry in 1987, when I was ten years old and started working with my father in his dermatology office. I learned about lasers, skin care, dermatology concerns, all through osmosis of working with him after school and during weekends and vacations.

What is your best tip for client retention, retailing, or upselling?

My best tip for retailing is that price should be the last thing you discuss - and remember never to put yourself in your customer's wallet. Making sure your customer goes home with the best skin care products is a part of the spa treatment, yet often I find that aestheticians are shy about money and selling.

What is your favorite professional spa or salon product of all time (brand & product name)?

My own Alchimie Forever Kantic brightening moisture mask! Close second is Aveda's Stress relief body products.


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